WAYS TO DONATE Cash Check Securities Valuable Personal Property Fine Art/Collections Etc
Asset Donation

Does it feel like donating assets to a non-profit organixation provides more headaches than feelings of satisfaction? This is why the Ecclesiastical Lawyers Guild (ELG) is ready to meet your needs. ELG is dedicated to heling benefactors by streamlining the process of donating appreciated non-liquid assets.


We work with all types of assests; our specialities include fine art, collections, antiques, precisous metals, cash, and items of religious significance.

ELG organizes the donation process into logical steps. In our work we:
    - Generate appraisales and valuations
- Receive, manage and liquidate the assets
- Complete all the required administrative tasks to validate the donation
- Direct the proceeds to your favorite causes through a personal trust or
other causes supported directly by ELG
- Develope and prepare inventory


Our speciality is working with a variety of asset types. We acccept a wide range of assest types including:
    - Cash 
- Checks
- Securities
- Valuable personal property
Client Preferences

Your preferences are our highest priority. Whether you plan to donate full or partial interests. prefer to give during your lifetime or (with proper planning) after your death, or wish to acheive other types of tax solutions, we work toward your interests and wishes throughout the entire process.