WAYS TO DONATE Cash Check Securities Valuable Personal Property Fine Art/Collections Etc
checks can be sent to:

Ecclesiastical Lawyers Guild 1120 North Charles Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Telephone: (410) 685-1109 E-mail: info@elguild.org ELG is an IRS §501(c)(3)

Donation Assistance

ELG offers you several ways in which to donate fine art or collectibles, each tailored to meet your requirements. Our goal is to make giving easy and efficient. ELG can arrange for transportation of donated art objects directly to our team of appraisers, as well as subsequent disposition at sale or auction. We then offer several options for the distribution of the sale proceeds.

Unrestricted Distribution

ELG maintains a growing list of charitable organizations to which we contribute.

-Archbishop Borders School

-Assisi House


-Catholic Charities

-Fostering Futures/Latin America

-Knights of Columbus Charities

Targeted Distribution

You may also designate 501(c)(3) qualified recipients of proceeds in advance of your gift. ELG will prepare donation letters in accordance with your designation, specifying the benefactor or making the gift anonymously. In either case, your wishes will be carried out in a way that maximizes the amount of your gift.

Administrative Costs

ELG strives to maintain its administrative costs at low levels to maximize the amounts passed on to beneficiary charitable organizations.
-Little Sisters of the Poor

-SEEDS Foundation

-St. Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore


-The Mother Mary Lange Guild